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personal evidence

Personal Evidence by Andrea Nakayama | Holistic Nutrition Lab

It’s been over 15 years since my husband Isamu died. Fifteen years… I can remember that morning like it was yesterday. An ending. A beginning. A point in time so clear and finite for each of us — unlike most triggers in our health histories. One thing I learned, through Isamu’s illness and death, in…

what’s missing from most nutrition education

what’s missing from most nutrition education | Functional Nutrition Lab

During a recent Live Q&A with a group of new Full Body Systems students, I was asked a great question that really got me thinking. The question was: Where’s the nutrition in Full Body Systems? At first I was baffled by the question, because from my lens, the entire program is about nutrition! When we…

true, but partial

True, but Partial

You likely have moments where, despite your training, you feel like you still don’t know enough to help people feel better, especially if they have complex symptoms or diagnoses. If this is true for you, you’re not alone. I work with thousands of practitioners around the globe—coaches, doctors, nurses, dietitians and more—and you may be…